Cree Medicine (O-T)

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Listed by English Names
The information on these pages is for historical and cultural reference only. We do not recommend or encourage the use of these plants or remedies without experienced supervision and utilizing appropriate protocols.

Photo by Sture Hermansso

Botanical Name: Usnea spp.
Cree Name: Mithǡpǡkwan
English Name: Old man’s beard

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Osha Root: see Bear Root


Botanical Name: Neotoma
Cree Name: ——
English Name(s): Packrat/woodrat midden (burrow or nest)

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Pasture Sage (Artemisia frigida)

Botanical Name: Artemisia frigida
Cree Name: Mostosowikask
English Name: Pasture sage

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Peat Moss (Sphagnum fuscum)

Botanical Name: Sphagnum fuscum
Cree Name: Maskwoskwa, askiya
English Name(s): Peat moss, sphagnum Peat moss

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Pinappleweed, dog fennel (matricaria matricarioides)

Botanical Name: Matricaria matricarioides
Cree Name: ——
English Name(s): Pineappleweed, dog fennel

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Botanical Name: Prunus pensylvanica
Cree Name: Nipinimina, takqwahimnana
English Name(s): Pin cherry, summer berry, summer willow

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Botanical Name: Pyrola asarifolia
Cree Name: Wa wipak, why-weh-buk-sah
English Name: Pink wintergreen

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Pipsissewa (Chimaphila umbellata)

Botanical Name: Chimaphila umbellata
Cree Name: Amiskwāthȱwipak
English Name: Pipsissewa

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Pitcherplant (Sarracenia purpurea)-1-Photo by Jeff Pippen
Photo by Jeff Pippen

Pitcherplant (Sarracenia purpurea)-2-Photo by Jeff Pippen
Photo by Jeff Pippen

Pitcherplant (Sarracenia purpurea)-3-Photo by Jeff Pippen
Photo by Jeff Pippen

Pitcherplant (Sarracenia purpurea)-Photo by Larry Mellichamp
Photo by Larry Mellichamp

Pitcherplant (Sarracenia purpurea)-1-wiki

Botanical Name: Sarracenia purpurea
Cree Name(s): Athikacas, ayikitas
English Name(s): Pitcherplant, frog leggings, frog pants

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Photo by Stan Shebs

Botanical Name: Opuntia polyacantha
Cree Name: ——
English Name: Plains prickly pear cactus

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Prairie Alumroot: see Alumroot

Prairie Coneflower (Ratibida columnifera)

Botanical Name: Ratibida columnifera
Cree Name: ——
English Name(s): Prairie coneflower, weary susan

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Prairie Crocus (Pulsatilla patens)

Botanical Name: Anemone patens
Cree Name: ——
English Name(s): Prairie Crocus, pasque flower

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Prairie Onion (Allium textile)-4-wikimedia commons

Prairie Onion (Allium textile)-3-wikimedia commons

Prairie Onion (Allium textile)-2-wikimedia commons

Prairie Onion (Allium textile)-1-wikimedia commons


Botanical Name: Allium textile
Cree Name: Pikwaciwicikaskosi
English Name(s): Prairie onion, wild garlic

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Photo by Stan Shebs

Botanical Name: Artemisia ludoviciana
Cree Name: Mostosowehkuskwa
English Name: Prairie sage

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Puffball (Lycoperdon frigidum)

Puffball (Lycoperdon echinatum)

Botanical Name: Lycoperdon spp.
Cree Name: Posǡhkan
English Name(s): Puffball, dusty stars

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Purple Coneflower (Echinacea angustifolia)

Botanical Name: Echinacea angustifolia
Cree Name: ——
English Name(s): Purple coneflower, red sunflower

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Purple prairie clover (Daleapurpurea)

Botanical Name: Dalea purpureum
Cree Name: ——
English Name: Purple prairie clover

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purple-stemmed-aster_Aster puniceus
Photo by Andrea Moro

Botanical Name: Aster puniceus
Cree Name(s): Misiyistakīyowask, iskomaski-yikēy
English Name(s): Purple-stemmed aster, wild aster, aster, wild blue aster, big arrow, morning flower

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purple vetch (vicia cracca)
Photo by Andreas Eichler

Botanical Name: Vicia cracca
Cree Name: Kiyiminkiowask
English Name(s): Purple vetch, tufted vetch, climbing vine

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Prickly rose (Rosa acicularis)




Botanical Name: Rosa acicularis
Cree Name: Okīnīak, okini
English Name: Prickly rose

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Botanical Name: Aralia nudicaulis
Cree Name: Waposociyipīyk
English Name(s): Rabbit root, Wild sarsaparilla

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Rat Root (Acorus americanus)

Botanical Name: Acorus americanus
Cree Name(s): Wīkīs, wiyikiyo, wah-chus-koh-meet-sowin
English Name(s): Rat Root, muskrat root, calamus, sweet flag (sweetflag)

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Photo by David MacKinnon

Photo by David MacKinnon

Red Osier Dogwood (Cornus sericeaa)

Botanical Name: Cornus sericea
Cree Name: Mehkwa-permakwa, mihkwâpêmakwa
English Name: Red osier dogwood, Red willow

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Red samphire (Salicornia rubra) - Photo by Matt Lavin

Botanical Name: Salicornia rubra
Cree Name: Siwitakan
English Name: Red samphire

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Creative Commons image from

Botanical Name: Bonasa umbellus
Cree Name: Pihêw mitisy
English Name(s): Ruffed Grouse Gizzard (the gizzard – a muscular, thick-walled part of a bird’s stomach for grinding food, typically with grit.)

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Pasture sage (Artemisia frigida)

Botanical Name: Artemisia frigida
Cree Name: Mostoswiyikwaskwa
English Name(s): Sage, sagebrush, prairie sagewort, pasture sage, buffalo grass

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Image courtesy Richard St-Pierre

Botanical Name: Amelanchier alnifolia
Cree Name: Saskahtōmina
English Name: Saskatoon berry

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Scarlet gaura (Gaura coccinea)

Botanical Name: Gaura coccinea
Cree Name: ——
English Name(s): Scarlet gaura, butterfly flower

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Scarlet Globemallow (Sphaeralcea coccinea)

Botanical Name: Malvastrum coccineum
Cree Name: ——
English Name: Scarlet mallow

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Scarlet Paintbrush (Castilleja coccinea)Photo by Jeff Pippin
Photo by Jeff Pippin

Photo by Jeff Pippin

Botanical Name: Castilleja coccinea
Cree Name: ——
English Name(s): Scarlet Paintbrush, painted cup, Indian paintbrush

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Sea Milkwort (Glaux Maritima) Photo by Christian Fischer
Photo by Christian Fischer

Botanical Name: Glaux maritima
Cree Name: ——
English Name: Sea Milkwort

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Image courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Botanical Name: Poligala senega
Cree Name: Miyinsiyikîysa, mean-sih-kes
English Name: Senega Snakeroot

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Sheep Sorrel (Rumex acetosella)-1-Photo by Jeff Pippen
Photo by Jeff Pippen

Sheep Sorrel (Rumex acetosella)-2-Photo by Jeff Pippen
Photo by Jeff Pippen

Sheep Sorrel (Rumex acetosella)-3-Photo by Jeff Pippen
Photo by Jeff Pippen

Sheep Sorrel (Rumex acetosella)-4-Photo by Jeff Pippen
Photo by Jeff Pippen

Sheep sorrel (Rumex)

Botanical Name: Rumex
Cree Name: ——
English Name: Sheep-sorrel

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Shining arnica - Leopards bane (Arnica fulgens) Photo by Jonathan Hover
Photo by Jonathan Hover

Botanical Name: Arnica fulgens
Cree Name: ——
English Name(s): Shining arnica, leopards bane

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Showy Milkweed (Asclepias speciosa)

Botanical Name: Aslepia speciosa
Cree Name: ——
English Name: Showy milkweed

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Silver Buffalo Berry (Shepherdia argentea) Photo by Matt Lavin
Photo by Matt Lavin

Botanical Name: Shepherdia argentea
Cree Name: Kinīpikōminǡ
English Name: Silver buffalo berry

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Skeletonweed (Lygodesmia juncea)

Botanical Name: Lygodesmia juncea
Cree Name: ——
English Name(s): Skeletonweed, prairie pink

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Smooth aster (Aster Laevis)

Botanical Name: Aster laevis
Cree Name: Mistahisak wiwask
English Name: Smooth aster

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Smooth Sweet-cicely (Osmorhiza longistylis)

Botanical Name: Osmorhiza longistylis
Cree Name: Mih-tihe, mus-kee-kee
English Name: Smooth sweet- cicely

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Snakeroot (Sanicula marilandica)

Botanical Name: Sanicula marilandica
Cree Name: Kikwahakiwas
English Name(s): Snakeroot, black sanicle

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snakeroot - purple avens - water avens (Geum rivale)

Botanical Name: Geum rivale
Cree Name: Kiniyipikominanatihk
English Name(s): Snakeroot, purple avens, water avens

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Snake Willow (Shepherdia canadensis)

Botanical Name: Shepherdia canadensis
Cree Name: Kinipiknipsi
English Name(s): Snake willow, buffalo berry, soapberry

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Sneezeweed (Helenium autumnale)

Botanical Name: Helenium autumnale
Cree Name: ——
English Name: Sneezeweed

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Spotted Joe-pye Weed (Eupatorium maculatum)

Botanical Name: Eupatorium maculatum
Cree Name: ——
English Name: Spotted joe-pye weed

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Spotted Touch-me-not (impatiens biflora)

Botanical Name: Impatiens biflora
Cree Name: ——
English Name: Spotted touch-me-not

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Star-flowered Solomon Seal (Maianthemum stellatum)

Botanical Name: Smilacina stellata
Cree Name: Sōsō-wīpukōsak, poh-neh-tum-awush
English Name: Star-flowered Solomon’s seal

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Stinging nettle (Urtica dioica gracilis)

Botanical Name: Urtica gracilis, urtica dioica
Cree Name: Masǡn
English Name(s): Stinging nettle, thistle

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Sweetgrass (Hierochloe odorata)

Botanical Name: Hierochloe odorata
Cree Name: Wīhkaskwa, wēkaskwa
English Name: Sweetgrass

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Tamarack -Stand_of_Tamarack

Tamarack (Larix laricina) closeup

Botanical Name: Larix laricina
Cree Name: Wakanakahn
English Name(s): Tamarack, bendable stem

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Three-flowered avens (Geum triflorum)
Photo by Walter Siegmund

Botanical Name: Geum triflorum
Cree Name: Mist-ka-shawik
English Name: Three-flowered avens

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Tiny leaves - creeping wintergreen (Gaultheria hispidula)

Botanical Name: Gaultheria hispidula
Cree Name: Apstepakosa, apschiypakwus, apschiypaksah
English Name(s): Tiny leaves, creeping wintergreen

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Trembling aspen - grove (Populous tremuloides)

Trembling Aspen (Populus tremuloides) closeup

Botanical Name: Populous tremuloides
Cree Name: Mistik, miyotohs, me-tos
English Name(s): Trembling aspen, white poplar, aspen poplar

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Twinflower (Symphoricarpos occidentalis)

Botanical Name: Symphoricarpos occidentalis
Cree Name: ——
English Name: Twinflower

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Twining Honeysuckle (Lonicera dioica)

Botanical Name: Lonicera dioica
Cree Name: Payipotakask, kahgichegshimok, pipachikos
English Name(s): Twining honeysuckle, vine with a hole in the centre

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