Cree Verb Exercises (2016)

Cree Verb Drills posted by Neal McLeod on Facebook ( in 2016

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CREE VERB DRILLS (October 26, 2016)
Command forms
wâpamin. see me
wâpamik. see me (said to more than one person)
wâpaminân. see us
natonawin. look for me
natonawik. look for me (said to more than one person)
natonawinân. look for us


Posted October 19, 2016


CREE VERB DRILL (Posted October 16, 2016)
nipiy (water); pêhkih. to cleanse someone
nipiy nipêhkihkikon. water cleanses me
nipiy nipêhkihikonân. water cleanses us (excl).
nipiy kipêhikihikonânaw. water cleanses us (incl).
nipiy kipêhkihkikon. water cleanses you
nipiy kipêhkihkikonâwaw. water cleanses you (plural)
nipiy pêhikihikow. water cleanses her/ him
nipiy pêhikikowak. water cleanses them


Posted September 20, 2016


CREE VERB STRUCTURES (Posted September 13, 2016)
wiyâtikosi. to be happy.
wâpam. to see someone.
niwiyâtikosin. I am happy.
niwiyâtikosin ê-wâpamak. I am happy when I see her/ him. (use this structure for wâpam when it is a secondary/ dependent verb. Here it could be translated as “when I see her/ him).
niwâpam. I see him/ her. (use this structure when “the seeing of someone” is the main verb).


ni [verb] âw. I [verb] him/ her.
ê-[verb]âk. I [verb] him/ her (conjunct mode/ dependent sentence)
For more complex Cree verb structures, you need both modes/ forms of the verb.

Often times in conversation speech, the conjunct/ dependent form of the verb is used in place of the independent verb form in simple constructions.


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CREE VERB DRILL (Posted September 6, 2016)
ni–âw. i (insert verb) her/ him
ni–ik. she/ he (insert verb) me

wâpam. to see someone
wîcih. to help someone
kêhtin. to respect someone
kiskisom. to remind someone

Posted September 6, 2016


CREE VERB DRILL (Posted September 1, 2016)
kêhtin. to treat someone with respect
nikêhtinâw. i treat someone with respect
nikêhtênik. someone treats me with respect
kikêhtênâw. you treat someone with respect
kikêhtênik. someone treats you with respect


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Posted August 21, 2016


CREE VERB DRILL (Posted July 6, 2016)
piminawat. to cook for someone, VTA
nipiminawatâw. i cook for him/ her
nipiminawatânân. we (exclusive) cook for her/ him
kipiminawatânaw. we cook for her/ him
kipiminawatâw. you cook for her/ him
kipiminawatâwâw. you (pl.) cook for her/ him
piminawatêw. she/ he cooks for him/ her
piminawatêwak. they cook for her/ him
piminawatêyiwa. her/ his (insert noun) cooks for her/ him
piminawaso. to cook
nipiminawason. i cook
nipiminawasonân. we cook (exclusive)
kipiminawasonânaw. we cook
kipiminawason. you cook
kipiminawasonâwâw. you (pl). cook
piminawasow. she/ he cooks
piminawasowak. they cook
piminawasoyiwa. her/ his (insert noun) cooks


CREE VERB DRILL (Posted June 28, 2016)
pakosêyihta. to be hopeful (of something)
nipakosêyihtên. i am hopeful (of something)
nipakosêyihtênân. we (excl) are hopeful (of something)
kipakosêyihtênâw. we (incl) are hopeful (of something)
kipakosêyihtên. you are hopeful (of something)
kipakosêyihtênâwâw. you (pl) are hopeful (of something)
pakosêyihtam. she/ he is hopeful (of something)
pakosêyihtamwak. they are hopeful (of something)
pakosêyihtamiyiwa. her/ his (insert someone) is hopeful (of something)


CREE VERB DRILL (Posted June, 2016)
ê-iyinitow-mâmitonêyihtamân. i think indigenous
ê-iyinitow-mâmitonêyihtaman. you think indigenous
ê-iyinitow-mâmitonêyihtamêk. you (pl) think indigenousê-iyinitow-mâmitonêyihtahk. she/ he thinks infigenous
ê-iyinitow-mâmitonêyihtahkik. they think indigenous
ê-iyinitow-mamitonêyihtamiyit her/ his (insert noun) think indigenousê-iyinitow-mamitonêyihtamahk. we think indigenous
ê-iyinitow-mamitonêyihtamâhk. we think indigenous (ex)thanks to Darren J. Okemaysim for corrections.


wâhpâsi. to be an early riser
niwâhpâsin. i get up early
kiwâhpâsin. you get up early
kiwâhpâsinâwâw. you get up early (plural)…

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