Nehiyaw Artists – Joe (Joey Stylez) Marlin

joe-marlin-Joey-StylezJoseph Dale Marlin LaPlante (born May 14, 1981), better known for his stage name Joey Stylez, is a First Nations Canadian singer-songwriter, rapper, hip-hop artist, First Nations activist, visual artist and fashion designer.

Lorna Colleen Heiber (born c. 1960) is Métis Catholic. She was formerly heavily involved in Métis politics, having served as a Métis leader including Acting President of the Métis Nation—Saskatchewan in 2004. Lorna is a recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal. Dale Gary LaPlante (born c. 1960) is Plains Cree and is active in First Nations and Canadian Federal Politics. He has worked hand in hand with Jean Chretien, Paul Martin and Phil Fontaine.

Marlin’s break came when he was asked to open for 50 Cent in Saskatoon, only one night after his uncle, Isho Hana, was shot and killed in a drug related killing on Preston Avenue in 2004.

In June 2007 Stylez was on the front page of The Star Phoenix, got a feature in mega hip hop Bible XXL (magazine) and ranking on CBC’s list of top 25 Canadian MC’s of all time, solidifying his street cred as a Canadian MC worth watching. In 2008 his controversial song and video for Living Proof reached #4 on Much Music’s Rap City.


Joey Stylez was featured in The Star Phoenix, with his friends Trent Duff and Sean Horse, to show off his fashion success and billboard at Idylwyld Drive and 20th Street, downtown Saskatoon.

His debut studio album, The Blackstar, was released on November 23, 2009. The title is taken from Joseph’s Kookum (grandmother in traditional Plains Cree) name, Christina (Laplante) Blackstar. Kookum was a traditional Plains Cree woman who never spoke English and practiced all the sacred ceremonies.

The Blackstar was a great success earning Stylez three Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards, including Best Music Video for his song “Sugarcane” (2009), Best Pop Album (2010) and Songwriter of the Year (2010). In 2011 Joey received a nomination for Aboriginal Album of the Year for this project.