Nêhiyawêwin Whiteboard

Teaching Nêhiyawêwin online real time

Learn Cree Online!

Nehiyawewin.ca offers weekly free Cree lessons every Thursday from 6:00PM to 7:00PM (Saskatchewan time) using the online Whiteboard (by Twiddla). No registration required.

Text will be Beginning Cree by Solomon Ratt, available at Amazon.ca or the FNUV bookstore. The teacher will be Dorothy Thunder. This class is an excellent starter course for those who are struggling to learn the basics.
Note: please read the instructions below for using the Twiddla whiteboard. Try to use Google Chrome if possible.

Whiteboard Instructions

While Twiddla is running Presentation mode only the presenter will be able to interact with the whiteboard. Others are limited to Chat and Audio to provide their input.

Please use current Google Chrome web browser for best experience.

To access microphone and headphones …

  1. click the three horizontal dots (menu icon) at the top right-hand corner of Chrome
  2. click Settings in the drop down menu, a new tab will open
  3. at the bottom of the new page click the “Show advanced settings…” link, additional settings will appear
  4. scroll down to Privacy and click the “Content settings…” button, a popup window will appear
  5. scroll down and look for microphone settings

Click here to open Twiddla whiteboard in a new browser window

How to use Twiddla Whiteboard

The Nêhiyawêwin Whiteboard is hosted by Twiddla, a whiteboard conferencing tool. The video below provides an overview of how Twiddla works.

Contact: info@drdavidmackinnon.com