Other Language Resources

  • Cree Online Dictionary (http://www.creedictionary.com/)
    The Online Cree Dictionary will translate words from English to Cree in Syllabics and Roman Orthography (Cree written in English) with explanation of how it fits in a sentence.
  • Cree Literacy Network (http://creeliteracy.org/)
    Creating connections that promote literacy in Cree language and culture
  • Nêhiyawêwin Word of the Day ()
    A variety of Cree words and phrases from nouns, verbs, expressions and the like, that should be shared by all nêhiyaw speakers. Open to all persons who share a common goal of wanting more nêhiyawêwin to be learned by all people.
  • Indian Country Today Media Network (http://indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com)
    Serving The Nations | Celebrating The People
  • PowWows.com (http://www.powwows.com/) and mobile version
    Online community for Native American Tribes, Native American history, Pow Wows, Native American culture, Native American music and Native American art.
  • Sound System and Alphabet – SICC Archives

PDF Downloads (Portable Document Format)


  • Cree: Language of the Plains by Jean Okimasis (University of Regina Press)
    This book explores some of the intricate grammatical features of a language spoken by a nation which extends from Quebec to Alberta. Although there are five dialects within these geographic boundaries, only the “y” (or Plains) dialect is presented.
  • Cree: Words compiled by Arok Wolvengrey (Amazon.ca)
    Two-volume Cree dictionary documents the Cree language providing both a guide to its spoken form and its written forms (both SRO and Syllabics).